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Sugar-free Coke set to outsell regular variety

Firm says it's down to launch of Coke Zero

Coca-Cola’s sugar-free drinks are set to overtake regular Coke sales for the first time.

Great Britain will be the first market in the world where shoppers guzzle more Diet Coke and Coke Zero than the original drink.

Shoppers bought 510 million litres of sugar-free in the past year compared to 512 million litres of regular Coke.

Coca-Cola puts the upturn in sugar-free sales down to last year’s launch of Coke Zero.

Global brand

The firm’s marketing director for Great Britain Cathryn Sleight said: ‘Indisputably, people want a choice when it comes to a range of drinks they enjoy.’

The US-owned firm was yesterday named the number one global brand of 2007 by BusinessWeek.

It held on to the position for the seventh year running ‘mostly because it is big and everywhere’, the magazine said.

Microsoft came second in the global brands poll followed by IBM.

BusinessWeek’s ranking was based on how much each brand was likely to earn for the company in future, taking into account analysts’ projections and company financial documents.

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