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Bank customers failing to shield Pins

One in five admit basic ATM error


One in five bank customers are flouting safety advice by rarely or never shielding their Pin number at a cash machine, new research has shown.

The findings from Apacs – the payment association which represents banks and credit card companies – also revealed that more than one in four people use the same Pin for all their cards .

Eight per cent of people admitted writing down their Pin to help them remember it while seven had told someone else their number.

When using your bank card to take out money from an ATM you should always stand close to the cash machine and shield the keypad with your spare hand and your body to avoid anyone seeing you enter your Pin.

It also prevents a practice known as ‘skimming’. This is where thieves attach card readers and small cameras to cash machines. These capture your card details. At the same time the cameras film you keying in your Pin.

Fraud victims

You should also never write down Pins or divulge them to anyone. You should also avoid obvious Pins such as your birth year and not use the same number for all your cards.

Apacs has now produced an easy-to-read two page guide which contains useful tips and advice on how to keep your number safe.

Apacs Director of Communications Sandra Quinn said: ‘Plastic cards remain a safe, secure and convenient way to pay; all that is required to minimise the chances of falling victim to card fraud is a little bit of common sense.

‘Simple measures such as shielding your Pin with your free hand whenever you enter it into a keypad will significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of fraud.

‘Although our cards are much less likely to be used fraudulently in the UK because of chip and Pin, we need to make sure that we remain vigilant and keep card details safe and secure at all time.’

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