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Britons spend £800 on summer breaks

They also bring currency home

Credit cards

Companies need to be more open about how penalty charges are worked out

Britons spent an average of more than £800 while on summer breaks this year.

While the average was £837, as many as 15 per cent went way over this by forking out more than £1,000, a survey by insurance company InsureandGo found.

Statistics for spending, which included the entire spending for a family, showed that Scots spent the most – averaging £944.73.

People from the Midlands and Wales got through the least amount – averaging £731.74.

Card fraud

Top destination of the 2,216 people surveyed was Spain, followed by France and the USA.

The survey also revealed that 1.3 million Britons have been victims of debit or credit card fraud abroad in the last five years and a further 7.1 million knew someone who had been a victim.

InsureandGo managing director Perry Wilson: ‘We all know that we tend to spend more when we’re on holiday than we would at home, but I’m sure many people would be shocked to find out that the average expenditure was over £800.’

Foreign currency

Meanwhile, a poll by lastminute.com found that Britons are hoarding £170 million of foreign currency in their drawers.

Two in five people have up to £35 worth of euros stashed away and 11 per cent have more than £35 of euros lying around at home, the poll revealed.

Not so many people are hanging on to the American dollar, though, with only 11 per cent hoarding between one and 50 dollars, and 14 per cent keeping more than 50 dollars.

About 20 per cent of those polled have collections of lesser-used currencies, such as the Moroccan dirham and the Thai baht.

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