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Car is still transport of choice

And a quarter of trips are less than two miles

The car is still by far the most popular mode of transport for Britons travelling in their own country, Government statistics showed today.

And nearly a quarter of all car trips taken last year were shorter than two miles, the figures published by the Department for Transport revealed.

Of all the journeys made by Britons in 2006, around 80% were taken by car – a figure that has remained fairly constant since 1995.

Travelling within Britain and including trips by air, British residents travelled an average of 7,133 miles last year – slightly down on the 7,208 figure in 2005.

Average distance

They spent 383 hours on trips last year, with the average distance travelled being 6.9 miles.

The time taken for each journey in 2006 was 22.2 minutes, compared with 22.1 minutes in 2005.

The statistics also showed:

  • Britons travelled an average of 7,133 in 2006, with the average trip being 6.9 miles in length
  • The distances travelled increased with age, up to 40-49 years old for men and 30-39 years old for women, and then decreased
  • Up to the age of 60, women made more trips on average last year than men of the same age, but after this age men made more journeys
  • Overall, women made 4% more journeys than men last year but men travelled 26% further on their trips, averaging 8,000 miles compared with 6,300 miles for women
  • Children under 16 made more than half of their journeys last year as car passengers, with most of the rest of their trips made on foot
  • The peak age for travelling by car as a driver last year was 50-59 for men and 40-49 for women
  • More than half of trips by men over 70 were made as car drivers last year compared with a figure of just 16% for women over 70
  • Women made 26% of journeys by foot last year, compared with a figure of 22% for men
  • Children made the most journeys on foot in 2006, with people aged 40-49 making the fewest
  • The keenest cyclists last year were men aged 17-29 but even for this group, only 4% of trips were made by bicycle
  • Women of all ages used buses more than trains, with bus use overall being highest among 17-20 year olds

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