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Dairylea ad pulled over kid’s snack claims

Firm says Lunchables now have reduced salt and fat

An advert saying Dairylea Lunchables were ‘packed with good stuff’ was misleading because they contain on average half a young child’s daily salt intake, a watchdog said today.

None of the six snacks in the Lunchables range are low in saturated fat and two of them have high levels, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said.

On average the products have 0.6g of sodium per serving – half the recommended daily intake for four to six-year-olds.

The ASA received three complaints about the online advert which showed various Dairylea Lunchables sandwiches and the phrase: ‘Packed with good stuff’.

‘Packed with good stuff’

After an investigation, the watchdog found the claim had breached advertising rules and told food company Kraft not to repeat it.

The ‘packed with good stuff’ claim implied: ‘that Lunchables contained a high proportion of nutrients that were beneficial to health, when we understood that they contained high levels of saturated fat and sodium.

‘We therefore concluded that the claim ‘packed with good stuff’ was misleading,’ the watchdog ruled.

Kraft told the ASA it had recently changed Lunchables recipes to eradicate artificial colours and flavours.

Less salt and fat

The reformulated products also have 34% less saturated fat and 9% less salt than the previous range.

Kraft said Lunchables contained vitamin D, calcium and wholegrain.

Its online advert is no longer appearing and will not be re-used, the firm said.

Kraft spokesman Jonathan Horrell said: ‘We reformulated Dairylea Lunchables with improved nutrition earlier this year to a point where the nutrition is comparable to a home-made sandwich, so we felt that justified the claim.

‘That being said, of course we respect the ASA ruling and are happy not to run the ad again.’

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