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Facebook popularity soars

It's grown by 366 per cent since January


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Social networking site Facebook has seen massive growth in the UK in the past six months, according to the latest figures.

Figures from digital specialists ComsScore show that it’s grown 366 per cent since the start of the year to attract an audience of 7.6 million unique visitors in July.

Bebo became the most visited social networking site in the UK, attracting 10.6 million unique visitors in July, an increase of 63 per cent over the start of the year.

It was closely followed by Myspace.com, which enjoyed a 25 per cent increase in traffic over the same time period, to reach 10.1 million unique visitors in July.

Networking sites

Bob Ivins of ComScore said: ‘Social networking sites like Facebook and Bebo have shown phenomenal growth over the past six months and should continue to do so as the ‘network effect’ gives them momentum.’

The news comes just days after it was revealed that some Facebook users are in danger of fallen victim to identity fraud because they’re divulging too much personal information online.

A snapshot survey by IT security specialists Sophos found that 41 per cent of users revealed personal information – such as email address, date of birth and phone number – to a complete stranger.

Many users also revealed the names of their spouses or partners, several included their complete résumés, while one user even divulged his mother’s maiden name – information often requested by websites in order to retrieve account details.

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