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Green light for whole milk ads

It can be promoted during children's TV shows

Whole milk can still be advertised during children’s television shows, the food watchdog said.

The Food Standards Agency gave the product the green light following concerns that whole milk fell foul of new advertising rules.

It said whole milk was not classed as a high fat, salt or sugar food by its nutrient profiling model.

Asda recently limited its new milk commercials to skimmed varieties because it feared whole fat milk commercials could not be broadcast during children’s TV.

Cattle feeding patterns

A Food Standards Agency spokesman today said: ‘As the composition of whole milk can change very slightly due to factors such as cattle feeding patterns, we asked Dairy UK and the Dairy Council to provide figures on the composition of whole milk.

‘The average values from this data fell within the official figures in the UK food tables, confirming that whole milk can continue to be advertised to children.’

Ofcom brought in new curbs earlier this year on commercials for unhealthy foods during children’s TV shows.

The communications regulator uses the Food Standards Agency’s nutrient profiling model to decide which products high in fat, salt or sugar should be subject to the restrictions.

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