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Meat supplies unaffected by foot and mouth

Demand for barbecue food rises despite scare


Supplies of British meat in the shops are unaffected so far by the foot and mouth outbreak, according to one retailer.

Asda said its shop shelves were still full of extra stock bought ahead of the hot weekend.

Sales of sausages, burgers and other red meat products were up 5 per cent on the previous weekend because of customers buying barbecue food, a spokeswoman for the supermarket said.

Barbecue food

Existing supplies will be enough to tide over a drop in new stock during this week.

‘We are confident we will be in really good shape to the end of the week. Our suppliers will be pumping a lot of product back out again,’ the spokeswoman said.

‘We are in good supply and have a lot ready to go for this weekend. Once things are clicked back on, suppliers will be able to make up the shortfall.’

Asda said customers’ buying patterns were so far unaffected by the foot and mouth outbreak.

‘The good news is that consumer confidence isn’t affected. People seem to have been listening to the messages that it is about animal safety not human safety,’ the spokeswoman added.

Consumer confidence

Britain’s biggest supermarket chain Tesco said it was closely following details of the foot and mouth outbreak.

‘Tesco has the UK’s most robust supply chain and there is no immediate risk of meat shortages,’ a spokeswoman said.

‘We have seen no change in customer behaviour in terms of meat sales. We are doing all we can to support our British suppliers.’

Sainsbury’s reported a slight upturn in sales of burgers, sausages and other barbecue meat products over the weekend due to the hot weather.

Rival chain Morrisons said it did not anticipate any supply problems.

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