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Nokia unveils two new fashion phones

Handsets are aimed at the 'style conscious'


Nokia prism jpg

Nokia has unveiled its Prism collection of fashion phones aimed at the ‘style-conscious’ consumer.

The Finish phone giant says the diamond-cut design of the 7900 Prism and the 7500 Prism give it sharp angled lines and geometric patterns to make it stand out from rival handsets.

The Nokia 7900 Prism comes with a ‘living wallpaper’, which changes throughout the day according to time, battery and signal strength, so that each screen is unique.

The key pad can also be lit up by a choice of 49 colours and lights are also emitted from the top of the phone to signal missed calls and messages.

Diamond-cut design

The Nokia 7900 Prism has a two megapixel camera and 1GB of internal memory, as well as dual band 3G technology and quad band GSM capability.

The Nokia 7500 Prism also has a two megapixel camera, can record videos, and hold up to 1500 songs on an optional 2 GB microSD card.

The Nokia 7900 will cost around £275 (before tax) while the Nokia 7500 Prism will cost around £140.

Which? mobile phone expert Jon Barrow said: ‘The strange geometric appearance of these ‘fashion’ phones are bound to attract attention.

‘However we’re more interested in how their essential functions measure up and look forward to testing them’.

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