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One in two drive every day

Most people think roads are getting busier


Cars in a traffic jam

Most people reckon the UK relies too much on the car yet more than half of adults drive every day, a survey has revealed.

The poll from the Trueform Group transport services organisation found that 73 per cent thought the nation was over-dependent on cars.

But of those polled, 56 per cent drive their car every day and 17 per cent drive at least once a week.

The poll also revealed that 84 per cent of drivers believed roads are busier than two years ago.

Regional variations

Northern Ireland drivers seemed most dependent on the car, with 64 per cent using their motor daily.

Not far behind were drivers from the West Midlands and Yorkshire and Humberside – with 63 per cent giving their motor a daily outing.

In contrast, only 26 per cent of Londoners use their cars every day.

London also has the highest number of people who do not drive at all (40 per cent), compared with a national average of 21 per cent.

Traffic gridlock

Trueform Technical Director Jonathan Morley said: ‘This study demonstrates just how many people are taking to the roads and using their cars each day and it’s hardly surprising that UK citizens think the roads are getting busier.

‘The UK has one of the most comprehensive road networks in the world, yet many drivers still face gridlock particularly at peak times and more people need to be encouraged to use public transport in order to reduce congestion and vehicle emissions.

‘The significant investment being made in rail, bus and other forms of public transport means that most people now have a viable and convenient alternative to the car. The challenge now is encouraging them to make the switch and leave their vehicles at home.’

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