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Skype says service back to normal

Millions hit by days of disruption


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Internet phone service Skype says its service is back up and running after days of disruption.

Millions of people using the ‘voice over internet protocol’ (Voip) service couldn’t log on following problems caused by a routine software update.

Skype said the update caused a massive restart of users’ computers across the globe which ‘prompted a chain reaction that had a critical impact.’

The worldwide shutdown, which began on Thursday and ended on Saturday, left users unable to log on to make phone calls or send instant messages.

User security

Skype said: ‘We can confirm categorically that no malicious activities were attributed and that our users’ security was not, at any point, at risk.

‘This disruption was unprecedented in terms of its impact and scope. We would like to point out that very few technologies or communications networks today are guaranteed to operate without interruptions.

‘We are very proud that over the four years of its operation, Skype has provided a technically resilient communications tool to millions of people worldwide.

‘Skype has now identified and already introduced a number of improvements to its software to ensure that our users will not be similarly affected in the unlikely possibility of this combination of events recurring.’

Packets of information

Voip calls work by sending the caller’s voice over the internet as packets of information in the same way as photos, text and other data.

The service is now offered via PCs, home phones and mobiles.

It is increasingly popular in the UK, with the industry predicting up to three million users will be signed up by the end of this year.

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