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Britons in favour of biometric security

But still concerned about methods

Eight out of 10 Britons would support replacing “chip and Pin” with fingerprint scans or iris recognition if it would boost security, a survey said today.

The poll of 3,000 people for life assistance firm CPP found support for biometrics, with nearly a third backing the move because they struggle to remember all their Pins and passwords.

However, half of those surveyed said introducing biometrics on bank cards would restrict modern life.

A quarter said they believed fingerprinting treated people like “presumed criminals”.

Eyeball scans

Just under half were also concerned about hygiene when scanning eyeballs or fingerprints.

CPP spokesman Stephen Mouncey said: ‘People are clearly aware of the need to tackle issues such as fraud and terrorism in the UK, and in principle, are behind biometrics or something that will solve these modern problems.

‘There are, however, concerns around how biometrics will work in the real world and some fundamental questions that need answering around issues of privacy, data protection, hygiene and cost.’

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