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Drivers ‘admit dangerous motoring habits’

They include talking on the phone or texting

Eating behind the wheel is the most frequent dangerous motoring habit, a survey today showed.

More than two in five drivers admit to tucking into food while at the wheel in the last few weeks, the survey from Sainsbury’s Car Insurance showed.

More than a third (34%) drove while feeling tired, 20% drove while barefoot or when wearing flip flops, 17% went over the speed limit and 14% used a hand-held mobile phone.

Ten per cent owned up to driving after having had an alcoholic drink, while 10% took the controls without wearing a seatbelt.

Applying make-up

Also, 8% admitted texting while driving and 3% applied make-up while at the wheel.

Of the 1,012 people polled, 68% admitted to some form of dangerous driving during July 2007.

The biggest offenders were people in Wales and the west of England, where the offence rate was as high as 80%. Most law-abiding were those in north-west England (59%).

Stay alert

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance manager Lucy Hunter said: ‘It can be easy to become complacent behind the wheel of a car especially when driving regular routes but our advice is to stay alert and safe and don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Just one mistake could have terrible consequences.

‘Unfortunately, many motorists may not have considered the dangers behind some of their actions.’

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