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Most Britons stash cash around the home

Some hide it under their mattress

Three-quarters of Britons admit they hide cash around their homes with the average person having more than £100 stashed away, a survey showed.

Most people have around £127 hidden in their house, but 8% said they had between £300 and £1,000 in their home at any one time, according to insurer Cornhill Direct.

The most popular place to hide cash is in drawers, while others keep money in tins, their pockets or a cupboard.

Under floorboards

But some people go to great lengths to hide their stash of cash, putting it on shelves in their wardrobe, under their mattress, under the floorboards or even in the freezer.

One in three people admitted they felt uneasy about keeping large sums of money in their house, and 10% claimed they had some of their hidden cash go missing.

But 40% of those questioned said they thought it was a good idea to store some money at home, with 45% claiming the recent problems at Northern Rock would make people more likely to hold on to their cash.

Reserve fund

Around 13% of people said they kept cash at home as a reserve fund, while 45% said they liked to be ready to pay for something with cash and 10% admitted they were simply too lazy to go to the bank or building society to withdraw money.

Just over half of people said their partner knew about their cash stash, but 36% said they had squirreled money away that only they knew about.

* OnePoll questioned 1,500 during September.

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