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Motorists leave valuable gadgets in their cars

Many have no security measures in place


Careless car owners are providing rich pickings for thieves by leaving nearly £4 billion worth of gadgets in their vehicles, a survey showed.

Yet as many as 18% of motorists who leave possessions lying about have no security measures in place such as a car alarm or lockable glove compartment, the survey from car insurance company Zurich revealed.

Of those careless about guarding gadgets, 12% have been the victims of theft in the last five years, with car stereos the most commonly-taken item.

House keys

Some 6% even leave their house keys in their car, while 5% leave their mobile phones.

Based on responses from more than 2,000 adults of whom 1,447 were car owners, the survey also showed:

  • The average value of gadgets left in cars is £145, with 18 to 24-year-olds leaving valuables averaging £200 unattended;
  • Male motorists leave items worth an average £161.16 in vehicles while the average for women is £127.17;
  • 27% who leave possessions unattended admit that it is easier to keep their belongings in their vehicles than ferry them to and fro, while 10% cite laziness and 8% are simply forgetful;
  • 5% of those with car alarms do not always use them.

Designer gear

Roy Seeds, head of motor underwriting at Zurich Insurance, said: ‘It’s now common for our cars to be filled with our possessions – not just in-car entertainment and driving gadgets, but even clothes and designer accessories.

‘Yet harried, time-poor drivers often fail to realise just how valuable the possessions they leave in their cars are and are not taking the right precautions.’

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