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Motorists suffer ‘rusty driver syndrome’

Some don't drive for two years after passing test

Many motorists suffer from “rusty driver syndrome” through rarely venturing on to the roads, a survey revealed.

As many as 11% of motorists do not drive for two years or more after passing their test, a survey from Churchill Car Insurance found.

Around 7% of all motorists drive only twice a month or less and 42% of them admit their driving skills are impaired by the infrequency of their journeys.

Based on responses from 1,019 adults, the poll also showed 47% of motorists do not enjoy driving on busy roads in cities and 57% would prefer to avoid urban areas altogether but see driving in cities as a necessity.

Driving tests

Churchill Car Insurance spokeswoman Frances Browning said: ‘Motorists getting back behind the wheel after a break from driving can find it daunting. Drivers need to be able to handle a range of different road and traffic situations, which only regular practice can help with.

‘When motorists pass their driving tests, it doesn’t necessarily qualify them as a confident driver.

‘For those who feel their driving skills have become ‘rusty’, it may be worth undertaking a refresher course now and again to increase driver confidence and make the roads safer for everyone.’

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