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Owners admit pets rule their homes

Some cook fresh food for their four legged friends


Vacuums can struggle with cat and dog hair

In general, uprights pick up pet hair better than cylinders – although the Miele Cat & Dog TT cylinder beat all the uprights in a recent test.

Nearly one in 10 Britons admit their home is ruled by their cat or dog, a survey showed today.

Around 16% of people who are in a relationship let their pet share their bed, often resulting in their four-legged friend having a better night’s sleep than they do, according to Halifax Pet Insurance.

At the same time 7% prepare fresh meals for their cat or dog because they think they are healthier than tinned varieties, with 4% even cooking for their pet more often than they do for their partner or family.

People also allow their pet to dictate everything from the time they eat their meals, to how much exercise they take to when they go to bed.

Exercise regime

Around 13% of owners said their exercise regimes revolved around the needs of their pet rather than their own needs, and 12% of people schedule the time they go to bed and get up each morning around the sleeping patterns of their dog or cat.

Nearly one in eight single people have a pet as a substitute for a human companion and a quarter of dogs and cats have their own seat on the sofa.

The research found that 14% of people will only go on holiday if their pet can come too, while 62% of people who leave their pet at home are only happy if they are being looked after by a member of the family or a friend.

Vicky Watson, products manager at Halifax Pet Insurance, said: ‘Pet owners are so dedicated to their animals they would do anything to ensure they are happy, involving them in all aspects of family life.’

* TNS questioned 1,006 people during July.

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