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Phones more precious than pets for many Britons

Some say their mobile is a treasured possession

Britons are more likely to get upset about losing their mobile phone than they are about losing their pet, a survey showed today.

Two-thirds of people said they would be upset if they lost their mobile, narrowly beating the 64% who would feel the same way if their pet went missing, according to mobile phone insurer Lifeline.

Just over half of people said their phone was very important to them, while 27% even described it as being a treasured possession.

Women are more attached to their phones than men, with 69% saying they would be upset if they lost their mobile, compared with 62% of men.

Major blow

People in the Midlands would be most upset if they lost their phone, with 73% saying it would be a major blow.

But those in the South West would be more upset by the loss of a pet at 73%, with just 49% of people in the region saying they would be upset if they lost their mobile.

People in Lancashire, East Anglia, Scotland and the South all also valued their four-legged friend more than their phone.

Anthony Caie, of Lifeline, said: ‘This research proves that people are seriously emotionally attached to their mobile phones and would really miss them if they were lost or damaged.

‘Mobiles don’t just contain information it would be inconvenient or embarrassing to lose, such as people’s phone numbers or personal text messages – increasingly they hold items of sentimental value, such as photos, videos and music.’

* YouGov questioned 2,011 people during July.

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