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Britons are Facebook fanatics

We're the social networking champions of Europe


Britons spend more time surfing social networking sites than anyone else in Europe, according to the latest figures.

Research from analysts comScore show that 78 per cent of the total UK online population now belong to social networking sites such as Bebo, Facebook and MySpace.

That compares to just 56 per cent of the European online population.

Britons also spend longer on these sites, view more pages and clock up a higher number of visits per month.

The figures show that the average UK visitor spent 5.8 hours on those sites in August – almost three times as long as their French counterparts.

Identity fraud

And social networking site devotees in the UK rack up more than 20 hours each month visiting these sites, comScore said.

It recently revealed that Facebook had grown 366 per cent since the start of the year, while Bebo had become the most visited social networking site in the UK.

At the same time it emerged that Facebook users were in danger of fallen victim to identity fraud because they’re divulging too much personal information online.

Many users also revealed the names of their spouses or partners, several included their complete résumés, while one user even divulged his mother’s maiden name – information often requested by websites in order to retrieve account details.

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