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Cheap trainers ‘just as good as pricier pairs’

No better comfort or protection, says study


Running spikes on an athlete

Runners have been warned that shelling out on expensive trainers may not be worth the money.

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that cheap and moderately priced running shoes are ‘just as good, if not better’ in terms of cushioning impact and overall comfort.

The Dundee University study compared nine pairs of trainers costing from £40 to £75.

Sole pressure

Plantar pressure – the force produced by the impact of the sole hitting the ground which can lead to runners sustaining injuries – was recorded electronically in eight areas of the sole as the participants walked and ran on a treadmill.

It found there were no major differences among the shoes, irrespective of brand or price.

Trainer cost

And when it came to comfort there were also were no obvious differences among the shoes.

Professor Rami Aboud, from Dundee University’s school of medicine, said: ‘We have found that neither pressure nor comfort are related to the cost of the trainers.

‘It appears to be the perception of the customer that if you pay more you are going to get a better product. Our study has showed that is not the case.’

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