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Drivers fail to keep spare set of keys

And they're getting more expensive to replace

As many as 10% of drivers do not have a spare set of car keys, a survey reveals.

Some motorists even lock their spares in the glove compartment of their car, the survey from Britannia Rescue found.

The cost to replace a set of keys can be as high as £326, the poll of more than 2,000 adults found.

Lost keys

The survey also revealed that 16% of drivers have permanently lost their keys at least once and the total replacement bill for those without a spare set would be £98 million.

Britannia said replacing a lost key is no longer a simple case of cutting metal to shape.

It commonly costs around £200 to design, create and programme a new key, but some cars are costlier than others.

For example, Nissan Micra owners would have to fork out up to £326, while Ford Focus drivers would face a bill of up to £266.

Sophisticated alarms

Martin Milliner at Britannia Rescue said: ‘Accessing vehicles built since 1998 is generally more time-consuming and expensive for drivers due to the introduction of increasingly sophisticated alarms, immobilisers, and shielded locks.

‘The cost of getting back behind the wheel could really rocket if work is needed on the ignition or security system as well, but one clear way of avoiding this issue is to look after your spare key and keep it in a sensible place.’

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