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DVD aims to boost breast cancer detection

It shows you how to check yourself for early signs


Abi Titmuss checks herself with a self examination glove

An instructional DVD showing women how to check themselves for the early signs of breast cancer has been launched.

The DVD, which will be accompanied by a special gel-based glove, will help women carry out self-examinations of their breasts.

Research, carried out by breast cancer charity the Genesis Appeal, has found that although women are aware of breast cancer, they have no real idea how to detect it.

Thirty five per cent of women said they did not check for lumps regularly with 33% saying they were unsure how to do it.

Breast cancer

Only a third of women who do check their breasts regularly said that they included vitally-important areas such as under the armpit when checking for lumps..

To help combat the lack of knowledge surrounding self-examinations, Lloydspharmacy and the Genesis Appeal have produced the DVD showing women how to do it.

TV GP Dr Chris Steele, who is backing the campaign, said that while general awareness of breast cancer is at an all-time high, knowledge about how to detect it has remained consistently low.

He said: ‘The trick is to detect lumps early by getting into a routine and doing checks at the same time each month.

‘By doing this you become more aware of what is normal for you – then you will notice any changes that might occur.’

Early detection

Abi Titmuss, who is also supporting the campaign, said: ‘I was stunned when I realised how many women didn’t know what to do.

‘Everyone knows that you should check for lumps but most women I know haven’t the faintest idea how.

‘Usually it is only when a friend or relative is diagnosed with breast cancer or finds a lump that needs some investigation that women find out what they should be looking for.’

The DVD and Breast Sense glove will go on sale at Lloydspharmacy outlets across the UK for £4.99.

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