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Hands-free DVD chip announced

Users control DVD by waving hands


A father and daughter using a laptop

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A new computer chip will allow users to control DVD playback by simply waving their hands around.

It allows viewers to stop, skip ahead and give other commands in by pointing their thumbs at the screen from up to ten feet away.

The processor, demonstrated today by Toshiba on laptop computers, can also manipulate 3D images.

Toshiba yet to announce launch

In a demonstration the laptop camera put the subject’s face on screen, then allowed her to choose hairstyles and types of makeup.

The computer put the changes on the image in 3D, which could then be moved to check out the new look from different angles.

The ‘SpursEngine’ processor was jointly developed by Toshiba, IBM and Sony.But the technology is not yet on the market and Toshiba has still to announce a launch date.

The core of the new gadget is the Cell/B.E. technology which combines nine separate processors in one chip.It is expected to run a range of hardware from IBM and other companies.

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