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ID fraud victims not using precautions

Many do nothing to stop being conned again


Credit cards in a wallet

1 in 4 people have a credit card they haven’t used in the last year

Identity fraud victims are easy prey for thieves because they’re failing to learn from their experience, says research out today.

According to the research by protection firm CPP, only a third of identity theft victims take steps to prevent a second run-in with fraudsters.

And a quarter said they would have to become a victim for a second time before taking more care.

Bank details

The study also found that more than 20% of victims admitted they either don’t understand how they can secure their personal data or are too lazy to take action. 

It’s estimated that since 1999 incidents of identity fraud have increased by 500 per cent and there are a number of ways criminals can steal your identity. These include searching through household rubbish to gather information about you.  

They then call that your credit provider, change your home address details and order new cards.

Phishing emails

Criminals also send phishing emails that appear to come from your bank to get you to enter passwords and account details on a fake version of your bank’s website. 

To find out about these methods and others ways criminals can steal your ID, as well as ways to protect yourself from falling victim, see our ID fraud report.

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