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Music as you snooze

Pillow has speaker built into it

Help may be at hand for insomniacs thanks to a pillow which features an inbuilt speaker.

The Sound Asleep pillow allows you to listen to the radio or TV, or to music on your MP3 player without disturbing your partner, it’s claimed.

It will automatically stop playing once the selected songs come to an end and manufacturer Comfy Quilts says the soft hollow fibre filling means you cannot feel the speaker inside.

It has a removable 120mm cable, which can be removed when not in use and connects via a 3.5mm stereo plug, universal to most devices.

Tinnitus and insomnia

The company says the pillow could prove beneficial for people who experience tinnitus as it can create a background noise which can help them fall asleep.

Similarly it points out that some insomniacs can benefit from the soft sounds of music or relaxation tracks.

The Sound Asleep pillow costs £20 and although you cannot machine wash the pillow, it can be wiped clean and air dried.

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