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Petrol prices pass £1 a litre

Motorists warned worse may be to come


Petrol prices have broken through the £1-a-litre mark in some parts of the UK amid warnings that prices will continue to rise.

The increase in price in some rural areas came as world crude oil prices reached record highs.

The surge in world prices followed news that Mexico had shut a fifth of its production because of a storm.

But some industry analysts warned that yesterday’s increase had not even filtered through to to garage forecourts and that worse is to come for motorists.

Cheaper petrol

Motorists looking for the best deal can sign up to the website Petrolprices.com, which claims to show the cheapest places to buy petrol.

It has the pump prices of almost 10,000 UK service stations and claims to update the prices at about 8,000 of them every working day.

To find the prices of local petrol stations, you enter your postcode or town. The site site will display the location of, it’s claimed, the ten cheapest stations and their fuel prices.

The site, which is free to use, compares stations in a radius of five, ten or 20 miles. In major cities, you can search a two-mile radius.

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