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Sony announces £299 PS3

Sony also cuts cost of original PS3


Sony's new 40GB PS3

Sony will launch a new 40GB version of its Playstation 3 (PS3) on Wednesday and has also cut the price of the original 60GB model.

The 40GB console will sell for £299 while the cost of the original 60GB model has been reduced to £349.

The 60GB PS3 went on sale in March 2007 for £425 following months of delays due to manufacturing problems with its integrated player for Blu-ray discs – the high-definition replacement for DVDs.

The new 40GB console will have a Blu-ray drive and wireless (WiFi) connectivity, as well as one wireless controller. However, it but won’t be able to play Playstation 2 games.

Blu-ray drive

It also has only two USB ports instead of the four on the original version and no longer includes the multi memory card port.

David Reeves, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said: ‘PS3 has always been the device of choice for the discerning gamer and entertainment seeker, and the new PS3 is more than ever the perfect high definition entertainment system.’

Which? computing expert Lisa Barber said:’Introducing the new, cheaper console and reducing the price of the current 60GB model is good news for anyone who wanted a PS3 for Christmas. However, the fact that the new 40GB model can’t play PS2 games will be disappointing for those who didn’t want to have to keep their old Playstation in order to play their favourite games.’

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