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Sony’s new TV is thin as a coin

Model will go on sale in Japan for £850


The XEL-1’s screen is just 3 millimetres thick

Japanese electronics giant Sony has unveiled a TV with a screen as thin as a coin.

The 11-inch screen (measured diagonally) is just 3 millimetres thick and is set to go on sale in Japan in December for around £850.

However, Sony says it has yet to decide whether to sell the TV in other countries..

The XEL-1 TV uses new light-emitting display technology called OLED (organic light-emitting diode display) which Sony says is superior to liquid crystal (LCD) and plasma displays.


The electronics giant says that OLED technology can relay video 1,000 times faster than LCDs, eliminating blur, and reduces energy consumption by 40%.

However, Sony Executive Deputy President Katsumi Ihara said the OLED TVs won’t replace LCD TVs until they become available in bigger sizes and at cheaper prices.

Another problem is the the durability of OLED technology.A new OLED TV will last 30,000 hours but an equivalent Sony LCD TV lasts twice as long.

Which? TV expert Mike Briggs said: ‘It’s likely to be a long time before these are widely available in the UK. The development sounds exciting but we won’t know how it measures up against flat-panel technologies until we get one into our testing lab.’

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