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Study finds organic food is healthier

Scientists say it's more nutritious


A multi-million pound study has found that some organic food has more nutrients in it than ordinary food.

Scientists behind the ‘Quality Low Input Food’ project say they discovered that up to 40% more antioxidants could be found in organic fruit and vegetables than in non-organic varieties.

They added that their research found that organic milk can contain 60% more antioxidants and fatty acids with health benefits.

The researchers grew fruit and vegetables, and reared cattle on nearby organic and non-organic sites across Europe.

Fatty acids

Professor Carlo Leifert, the co-ordinator of the Quality Low Input Food study, said: ‘We have shown there are more of certain nutritionally desirable compounds and less of the baddies in organic foods, or improved amounts of the fatty acids you want and less of those you don’t want’.

The new findings seem to contradict advice from the government’s food watchdog, the Food Standards Agency (FSA). It says current scientific evidence does not support the view that organic food is safer and more nutritious than other food.

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