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The cost of pester power

Poll says treats add hundreds to annual shop bill

Child in supemarket trolley

Parents who give in to pester power spend on average £7.28 per week on extra food treats for their youngsters, a new poll says.

Chocolate is the most common addition to the supermarket trolley with 86% of parents admitting they buy extra at their children’s request.

Pester power also prompted nearly half of parents with children under the age of 11 to buy extra crisps.

Cakes and drinks

Cakes and pastries, fizzy drinks and ice cream were other common extra purchases made by parents due to youngsters’ demands.

The extra treats add an average £378 to the annual household shopping bill for parents with young children, according to the Tesco.com website.

A quarter of parents added extra fruit to their shopping baskets at their children’s request – fewer than the number who added sweets, chocolate, ice cream or crisps.

Researchers polled 1,003 adults who had children aged between five and 11 years.

Which? is running a Kids’ Food campaign to help parents encourage their children to eat more healthily.

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