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Website highlights benefits of greener fridges

It shows the savings of switching to newer models



Energy-efficient appliances – used wisely – will save you a lot of money

A new website has been launched to help convince consumers to ditch energy-guzzling white goods in favour of more efficient models.

It’s estimated that there are around 11.7 million outdated fridges and freezers and 3.7 million old washing machines across the UK.

The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (Amdea) – which is behind the ‘Time to Change’ website – says replacing these old machines with high efficiency models could save enough energy to light a million homes for an entire year.

Its new website contains a saving calculator to show the impact of switching to new, lower-energy white goods.

A+ appliances

By simply keying in the type of appliance and when it was approximately made, you can see how much electricity, money, C02 and water could be saved, if you switched to a new A+ appliance.

Douglas Herbison, Chief Executive of Amdea, adds: ‘In the last decade the industry has invested £6.6 billion, across Europe, to develop high performance products that can make a major contribution to environmental targets.

‘Time to Change aims to bring home to the public the positive effects these developments can have on domestic utility bills and household carbon emissions.’

Environmental benefits

Which?expert Anthony Hume said: ‘I think this website is a useful resource for consumers. Which? has been saying for years people should replace their old refrigeration equipment with latest energy efficient models.

‘The hints and tips for low temperature washing are good, too. However, I’d like to see Amdea going the extra mile and extending this to other household products because consumers are generally confused about whether to fix an old appliance or whether it’s better to replace it on environmental grounds.’

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