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Drivers reminded of card fraud dangers

Petrol stations take part in national campaign


Motorists are being targeted by a new campaign highlighting what steps they can take to avoid becoming victims of card fraud.

From today, drivers paying for fuel at many UK petrol stations will be handed a small advice card reminding them to keep their cards and Pins safe and secure at all times.

The campaign will see 14 million cards handed to motorists advising them to never let their card out of their sight when making a transaction.

It will also advise them to use their free hand and body to shield their Pin from any prying eyes or hidden cameras.

Chip and Pin

Motorists will also be warned to be alert and ensure nobody is watching them and that there is nothing unusual about the chip and Pin terminal or cash machine they are using.

Apacs, the payment association which represents banks and credit card companies, says card fraud losses on the UK high street have decreased by 67% since the introduction of chip and Pin.

But criminals are still trying to copy the magnetic stripe details on cards so that they can make fake ones to use abroad in countries where chip and Pin hasn’t been introduced.

Figures released by Apacs last month show fraud on UK-issued credit and debit cards committed overseas jumped by 126% during the first 6 months of the year to total £108.8 million.

Fraud victims

Sandra Quinn, Director of Communications at APACS, said: ‘Chip and Pin has been hugely successful in reducing card fraud in the UK but that does not mean that we can lower our guard.

‘Tackling card fraud requires a multi-layered approach and the banking industry continues to work with retailers, law enforcement, the Home Office and organisations such as Crimestoppers to achieve this.

‘Consumers can also play their part and we urge them to follow the advice provided on these cards. Simple measures such as shielding your Pin with your free hand whenever you enter it into a keypad will significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of fraud.’

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