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Four in ten ‘back zero limit’ on drink-driving

Survey says many want driver to stick to juice

A glass of red wine

Four out of ten motorists think people should be banned from drinking any alcohol if they plan to drive, a survey showed today.

Around 45% of drivers admitted they had got behind the wheel after having had some alcohol and 4% said they did this frequently.

Among those who have driven after a drink 22% said they bowed to pressure to join in while on a night out, according to insurer Direct Line.

Driver over limit

A further 22% of those questioned said they had been a passenger in a car when they thought the driver was over the drink-drive limit.

But many people said they were confused about how much they would have to drink to be over the legal limit.

A third of people admitted they did not know how many units of alcohol are in an average strength pint of beer or how this would affect their blood alcohol limit, while 49% did not know what affect a glass of wine would have on them.


Tony Chilcott, head of car insurance at Direct Line, said: ‘Findings from our study make worrying reading.

‘If an average sized female motorist drinks two large glasses of wine during an evening out, then that is the equivalent of two-thirds of a bottle of wine.

‘Whilst she may then feel ‘fine’ and wrongly assume that she has only had two units of alcohol, should she then drive home, she is extremely likely to be over the drink drive limit – breaking the law and putting her life and others at risk.’

He said it was this uncertainty that many motorists wanted to end by banning all drinking before driving.

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