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New bra size launched by M&S

Store says J-cup meets growing demand


bra fitting

Marks & Spencer (M&S) is selling J-cup bras for the first time as customers demand larger clothes sizes.

The chain is trialling the garments online before deciding whether to put them in stores.

Its largest cup size was previously a G, but M&S said there was a demand for the new, bigger garments.

Bigger clothes

The best-selling cup size at M&S is now 36C, while five years ago it was 34B, according to the chain’s head of lingerie design, Soozie Jenkinson.

She said: ‘We are seeing a larger proportion of younger women with larger cup sizes. That is the trend.’

Describing the J-cup bra, she added: ‘It is a small number within the market but there are definitely customers out there who are buying that size.’

A quarter of all the bras sold by M&S are now a DD cup or above, with double the amount being sold in these sizes compared with three years ago.

Sports underwear

The chain is also developing more sports-oriented underwear to meet growing demand.

It is developing a new bra sold with a heart-rate monitor tucked into it.

Users can consult the monitor after doing exercise and remove it when the bra needs washing.

The M&S bra and heart-rate monitor pack is due to launch in February.

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