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New cars and hot deals, 30th November 2007

Porsche unveils new RS 60; save on Merc and Prius

Porsche unveils Boxster RS 60 Spyder

Porsche RS60

RS 60 Spyder harks back to 60s racing Porsches

See the letters ‘RS’ on a Porsche and you might immediately think lightweight, track-biased, and hardcore.

Not in this case. The Boxster RS 60 Spyder is designed to commemorate 1960s racing Porsches, but does so with bespoke appearance and a minor power boost, rather than a diet.

Based on the Boxster S, a new exhaust means power is up to 303bhp (from 295), while a unique front spoiler, 19-inch alloys, and a specially trimmed interior distinguish it visually.

Porsche RS60 interior

Trim is impressive – as long as you like red

The latter is particularly detail rich, with cowl-free instruments, textured leather (red with red roof, or grey with black roof), and a plaque on the glove-box lid. The windscreen surround is black, the tail lamps solid red, and there’s lots of silver detailing to match the silver bodywork.

Priced from £45,400, the RS 60 is £5,405 more than the regular Boxster S, but this is unlikely to put buyers off. It arrives in the UK in March, while total production is a fittingly limited run of 1,960.


Market Watch – new and used deals

Mercedes-Benz A-class

£4k off the A-class at Broadspeed

We wouldn’t normally rush to recommend an entry-level Classic-spec Mercedes (ideally you want Elegance or Avantgarde to get the goodies you’d expect), but Broadspeed has a special offer on the A150 Classic SE at just £10,990. 

That’s £3,952 less than list price – and better than we’ve seen elsewhere.

Toyota Prius

Decent discount on the hybrid Prius

Similarly, you don’t often see much money off a brand-new Toyota Prius. But New-Car-Discount.com can save you £1,421 on the range-topping T3 version, reducing it from £17,777 to £16,356. 

Great if you’re environmentally fashion conscious or want to skip the London C-charge, but if you really want to save the planet you might be better off with an efficient turbodiesel.

Chrysler 300C Touring

Deals on the distinctive 300C Touring

For a distinctive used deal, how about the Chrysler 300C Touring we spotted at All Approved Cars? Registered in March 2007, it’s in sensible silver with just 3,311 miles on the clock and priced £22,000. Not bad for a car that costs more than £28,000 new. 

Shame it’s the 3.5-litre petrol V6, though, as the Mercedes-sourced 3.0-litre diesel is a much nicer – and more economical – engine.

Volvo offers free servicing, insurance, and 0% finance

Volvo V50

V50 benefits from 3-years’ free servicing

If you’re interesting in buying a new Volvo, now may be the time to act.

No guarantees about getting money off – you’ll have to give it the gab in the dealership for that – but if you purchase an S40, a V50 or an S60 there’s a good chance you will qualify for three years’ free servicing.

Terms and conditions do apply, and some models are excluded (the S40 1.6S petrol, for example), but the service package is transferable between owners. Useful if you plan to change cars again soon.

Volvo C30

C30 – now with 0% finance and free insurance

Alternatively, choose the stylish, if not terribly practical, hatchback, and 0% finance and 12 months’ free insurance is available. 

Again terms and conditions apply, and the free insurance offer isn’t valid on the faster 2.4 and T5 engines. 

See your local dealer, or the Volvo website for details.



Two-Tone too far for the Ka?

Ford Ka Two-Tone

‘Scrapyard chic’ – the Two-Tone Ka

Looking rather too much like it’s been to the scrap dealer for a replacement set of bumpers, this is the latest Ford Ka special edition. Dubbed the Two-Tone – which is apparently ‘retro-look’ according to the press release (see previous sentence for our opinion) – it’s on sale now from £7,995.

There are four colour choices – all with silver bumpers and mirrors – and two trim choices, Zetec Style and Zetec Climate. Numbers are limited – thankfully – but Ford still has plans to shift 1,000 of them.

Special editions are usually good for residual values, but in this instance we can’t help feeling the multi-coloured finish is a step too far – you may find it tricky to sell on later.

It’s also worth remembering the Ka is 11 years old now, and about to be replaced. Safety and efficiency levels are well behind class leaders, and you can expect to see even better deals once the new car is officially announced next year.


New Subaru Justy: 5-year warranty, £35 annual tax

Daihatsu Sirion

Justy is based on the Sirion, above

Subaru has revived the Justy badge for its new supermini.

If it looks familiar that’s because it’s actually a Daihatsu Sirion with a different front bumper. Under agreement with Daihatsu and Toyota (which has a stake in both companies), Subaru will be bringing 1,000 a year into the UK. There is only one version, the 1.0-litre petrol R.

Subaru Justy

Justy gets a 5-year warranty

At £8,495, the Justy is quite a bit more expensive than the 1.0 Sirions – available in S guise for £7,455, and in SE for £7,955 (plus a further £500 off at the moment, as we reported in last week’s hot deals). But it does come with more equipment – including a rev counter, curtain airbags, and auxiliary input on the stereo – not to mention an impressive 5-year/60,000-mile warranty.

The 68bhp 1.0-litre engine means 118g/km in CO2 emissions, 64.2mpg, and £35 annual road tax. The ‘sprint’ from 0-62mph takes 13.5 seconds, and top speed is 99mph. On sale now.


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