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Campaign says caravans are greener choice

NCC claims it's a cleaner way to travel

Caravanning can be a greener way to travel and help cut carbon dioxide emissions, it was claimed today.

Launching a campaign to show off its environmental credentials, the National Caravan Council (NCC) said statistics show that a family of four travelling from London to Inverness in a Ford Focus towing a small caravan produce only 38% of the CO2 emissions of a similar-distance aircraft flight.

‘Turning to caravanning rather than flying would produce significant (CO2) savings,’ said NCC director general John Lally.

Towing cars

He went on: ‘It is a bit of a myth that you need a large, fuel-hungry car to tow. Diesel Mondeos and Passats have been voted towcars of the year. You just need to make sure your car and caravan are properly matched.’

On a new website, the NCC is inviting people to compare how touring in a caravan compares environmentally with other modes of transport.

Holidaymakers can enter the distance they are travelling and what type of car and caravan they are using, to reveal their carbon footprint in terms of C02 output. This can then be compared with flying and also with travelling by train or coach.

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