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Speed camera locator ad rapped

ASA says ad was 'irresponsible'

An ‘irresponsible’ advert for a speed camera locator was rapped by the industry watchdog today because it could encourage drivers to break the law.

The Road Angel advert could give readers the impression that the device helped drivers avoid being caught speeding, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said.

It said: ‘A camera locator can reduce your risk of speeding… But only if it knows where the cameras are.’

Speeding fine

The ASA said the advert implied the purpose of the Road Angel was to avoid detection and a speeding fine.

‘We concluded that the ad was irresponsible and could be seen to encourage drivers to break the law by speeding in between cameras,’ the watchdog said.

The ASA found the Road Angel advert in breach of the advertising code in relation to responsible advertising, legality, and motoring.

No response from Road Angel

It told Road Angel to amend the advert and to contact experts for advice on how to do this.

Road Angel did not respond to the ASA’s investigation into the advert, which appeared in Autosport magazine.

Haymarket, the firm behind Autosport, disagreed that the advert could encourage speeding and said it emphasised the importance of safety.

Autosport said the advert had been withdrawn and would not be repeated in any other Haymarket titles.

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