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Dyson launches smaller vacuum cleaners

Both go on sale in March

The new Dyson Ball

Dyson has unveiled two new vacuum cleaners which cater for the trend towards smaller sized homes.

The manufacturer said people living in flats and small houses had limited storage space for bulkier devices.

Its new Dyson Ball upright cleaner follows the launch of a similar model in Japan, where it has been a hit with customers in Tokyo.

Weighing 5.4kg, the machine sits on a single ball instead of wheels which allows it to turn more easily.

Single ball

The Dyson Ball compresses to a height of 75cm to be stored when not in use.

A second new cleaner called the Dyson Baby was also unveiled.

The compact cylinder cleaner is one third smaller than other similar Dyson cylinder machines, with a height of 29cm and a width of 40cm.

Smaller cleaners

Dyson’s billionaire founder Sir James Dyson said: ‘I would suspect people will gravitate towards the smaller vacuum cleaners if they have got all the technology and if they are as powerful and effective as a big one.

‘There may be people who still want big ones because they have got enormous houses. But I think we would expect to see a trend towards these smaller ones.’

Both new bagless machines were manufactured in Malaysia and are set to go on sale in the UK in March.

Best Buys

Which? expert Alison Eastwood said: ‘We have got several Dyson Best Buys at the moment and we look forward to testing these.

‘The original Dyson Ball was a Best Buy so we’ll see how this one does in our tests.’

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