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Panasonic unveils world’s largest TV

Tech giant shows off 150-inch plasma HDTV

Panasonic 150 inch TV

Panasonic’s giant 150 inch plasma TV


Panasonic has unveiled the world’s largest TV – a 150-inch, plasma high-definition (HD) model. 

The technology giant says the huge screen offers ‘breathtaking, dynamic and crystal-clear image quality’.

Panasonic’s 103-inch television previously held the title as the world’s largest. It cost £35,000 when it launched and Panasonic hasn’t said how much the 150-inch plasma TV would cost.


Panasonic unveiled the giant TV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas alongside several other prototypes including a 50-inch plasma TV that’s less than an inch thick.

Another of its prototypes was a 42-inch TV which it says has half the power consumption of a regular plasma – but with the same picture brightness.

Panasonic said it planned to bring footage from video-clip website YouTube directly to its line of internet-enabled HDTV sets. The new Viera HDTVs also provide access to the photo-sharing site Picasa.

Plasma TVs

The company also announced its 2008 Viera range featuring 16 plasma TVs, including 46-inch models for the first time, which will launch in the US in the spring.

Which? technology expert Mike Briggs is reporting from the CES. He said: ‘This TV is not really designed for the average consumer and is more about Panasonic securing bragging rights for the world’s largest TV. All the companies are at it – Sharp has a 108 inch LCD on display.’

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