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Phone downloads from your radio

And watch TV on your Blackberry

A new service now allows radio listeners to download their favourite songs directly to their mobile phone.

Twenty-one radio stations – including Magic 105.4, Heat Radio, and the Heart, Galaxy, Century, Real and Smooth networks – have signed up to the service  from Cliq.

Users install the application on their mobile phone handset then click a button to select a track currently playing, even if they don’t know the name of the artist.

Cliq hopes the technology will revolutionise the way people buy music and the application can be installed for free by texting ‘CLIQ’ to 78901.

Users credit their account online and tracks cost £1.25 to download.

TV on a Blackberry

People who own a Blackberry will also soon be able to watch British TV channels wherever they are in the world.

New technology from Sling Media enables users to tune into their home TV via the Blackberry device anywhere there is a broadband internet link.

Users must have a £99 ‘Slingbox’ which is connected to their home television. This box can then beam programmes to their broadband service.


A Blackberry, using the firm’s £19.99 SlingPlayer software, will then be able to connect to this feed anywhere there is high-speed internet access.

‘Sling Media’s move to let the hundreds of thousands of UK Blackberry users to watch TV programmes on the go from anywhere in the world will mean consumers can watch TV in new ways,’ said Which? Technology Editor Matthew Bath. 

‘With the rise in free Wi-Fi at locations such as hotels and airports, consumers will be able to change channels, play film DVDs over the internet, and even watch football highlights while waiting for the bus.’

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