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Sony launches ‘lifestyle’ TVs

LCD TVs designed to be practical and stylish

The Bravia B4000-series

Sony has launched a range of TVs aimed at people who want a second television for their home.

The electronics giant is marketing the Bravia B4000 series LCD TVs at viewers who ‘wished televisions weren’t quite so big, or quite so black’.

Models in the range are available in two finishes –  ‘Pearly White’ and ‘Glossy Mocha’ – which Sony claims will blend in with almost any décor.

The TVs come in 20-inch, 23-inch and 26-inch models and have a hand grip at the back to make them ‘easily and safely portable’.

HD ready

Sony Product Manager Angela de Klein said: ‘Here is a TV that looks good wherever you put it and that’s designed so you can pick it up yourself and move around easily.’

The B4000 series is HD-ready and can receive Freeview through a built-in digital tuner. Sony says it has a low power standby mode designed to minimise energy use.

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