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Drivers ‘could save £100’ with better technique

RAC says billions of pounds in fuel is wasted

A manual gearstick in a sportscar

BMW are increasingly switching to semi-automatic gearboxes

Motorists could save themselves up to £100 each a year by opting for ‘eco driving’, the RAC said today.

Better driving technique and improved journey planning could financially benefit drivers who are currently wasting £2.2 billion in petrol a year, the RAC added.

The waste due to poor journey planning and to driving more than 5 billion miles each year while lost is the equivalent of 267 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Changing gear

The RAC said that 60% of drivers were unaware that changing gear when revs were high could reduce petrol consumption, and 40% thought that driving under 45mph always saves fuel.

A further 9% admitted to checking their tyre pressure less than once a year, with 77% not aware that under-inflated tyres increased petrol consumption.


  • 9% wrongly believed that breaking regularly will reduce fuel consumption
  • 14% incorrectly reckoned warming the engine up before moving off reduced petrol used
  • 27% were unaware that switching off air conditioning significantly reduced fuel used.

Fuel prices

RAC’s technical director David Bizley said: ‘With fuel prices at a record high, adopting eco driving techniques is an easy way for consumers to reduce their fuel consumption to help wallets and the environment.

‘We hope that by raising awareness of the simple changes motorists can make to their driving style, they will be able to absorb some of the increasing cost of petrol through their own driving habits.’

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