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No refunds for HD-DVD customers

Toshiba rules out taking back outdated players

Blu-ray high definition

Blu-ray is the high-definition DVD format

Toshiba says it doesn’t intend to allow people to get refunds on HD-DVD players in the wake of its decision to pull the plug on the beleaguered format.

Yesterday the Japanese electronics company confirmed it would no longer develop, manufacture and market HD-DVD players and recorders.

HD-DVD and Sony’s Blu-Ray disc had been battling to become the dominant next-generation DVD format.

However, Toshiba’s decision effectively clears the way for Blu-Ray discs to become the industry standard and leaves HD-DVD player owners with machines that are in danger of becoming obsolete.


A Toshiba spokesperson said: ‘We do not have any plans to accept product returns from customers.

‘While we understand that some will be frustrated by the way the market has developed, the players they have purchased from us are still excellent products.

‘There are over 1,000 HD-DVD titles available globally, and our HD-DVD players also upscale existing DVDs to near-HD quality.’

Toshiba said it would continue to provide a full after-sales service to HD-DVD owners, both in terms of technical support and firmware upgrades.

‘Dead format’

Which? Technology Editor Matthew Bath said: ‘The news that one format has emerged the winner for the replacement of DVD will be welcome news to consumers who faced a confusing choice when buying a high-definition player.

HD DVD is effectively a dead format

Matthew BathWhich? Technology Editor

‘While it’s good that Toshiba will offer after-sales service, HD DVD is effectively now a dead format, and consumers could well feel out-of-pocket having bought HD-DVD players from Toshiba and other manufacturers. 

‘The ability to upscale DVDs to near-HD quality is poor consolation for those consumers who ended up backing HD DVD.’

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