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Blue is ‘most popular’ choice for car

Survey says drivers judge others by car colour

Mazda2 blue and red cars

Three different trims to choose from

Many motorists can tell what other drivers are like just from the colour of their car, it’s been claimed.

More than half of motorists (51%) give red cars a wide berth when passing them as they think their owners could be speedy and dangerous, a survey from fish4cars found.

Two in five think drivers of white cars are introverted yet safe, while 86% reckon men who drive pink cars a pushover.

Blue was most popular

Based on responses from 1,063 adults, the survey found that blue was the most popular car for drivers choosing a car, followed by red, black, green, white and yellow.

Colour expert Donna Blackman said: ‘It is the spiritual, calm and gentle Brits that are attracted to blue cars; definitely the kind of people who stick to the outside lane.

‘Speedy, masculine and outrageous types always opt for the colour red, while mysterious types who don’t have a strong sense of identity often end up choosing a black car.’

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