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Cyclist exposes bad driving on YouTube

He films dangerous driving and posts clips on site

A car on a road

A cyclist who films motorists driving dangerously and posts the videos on the internet has said he was simply trying to get the road safety message across.

Drivers skipping red lights, near misses and errant pedestrians are among the incidents that have been caught on a camera strapped to the bicycle helmet of David Brennan.

For the past 18 months, the Glasgow doctor has filmed the problems he encounters on the roads during his daily journey to and from work.


The footage is then posted on the YouTube website.

The practice has led to angry comments on the site from outraged motorists and Dr Brennan claims he has received death threats.

His actions have also been criticised by police, who have warned road users not to take the law into their own hands.

More filming

Despite the controversy, Dr Brennan said he planned to continue filming.

He told STV’s Scotland Today: ‘What I have learned from this is to just be careful what I post on the internet.

‘I am not out to antagonise anybody.

‘I am trying to convey the message that all road users should be equal and that there should be more respect on the roads.’

‘Contact police first’

A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said: ‘While Strathclyde Police appreciate the motives in highlighting these instances of poor or dangerous driving, we would not recommend that anyone takes the law into their own hands.

‘We would advise anyone who feels their safety on the roads has been compromised to contact the police in the first instance.’

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