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Millions of computer users risk data loss

Poll finds one in four regularly back up files

Man at computer

Many people are at risk of losing important information because they don’t back up their computer regularly, warns Computing Which?.

The magazine found that just 23% of Computing Which? members back up data to a safe format – such as a disc or external hard drive – at least once a week.

Once a week is the advisable minimum for saving your work if you want to keep precious data intact.

Saving data

The survey found that 15% never back up data at all, and 21% do it only after six months or even a year.

However, backing up needn’t be a chore.

Computing Which? Assistant Editor Jaclyn Clarabut said: ‘Both Windows Vista and the Mac OS X Leopard operating systems have easy-to-use, automated back-up tools built in.

‘DVD discs cost only a few pence each, and portable hard drives, which can fit in the palm of your hand, can be stored away from the PC in case of theft or breakage.’

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