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O2 launches ‘simple’ back up for phones

Save texts, pictures and contacts online

Mobile company O2 has launched a service to enable its customers to store numbers and pictures in case their phone gets lost or stolen.

O2’s new Bluebook service will back up phone numbers and automatically save every text and photo message online, but customers need to have a compatible phone, 

The saved texts and pictures can then be filed, edited or displayed in online albums that can be viewed and shared with friends and family.

Blogging service

There is also a blogging service, Blueblog, where customers can document their daily life using the photos and messages saved from their mobile.

Users need to register to set up a Bluebook account and all text or multi-media messages (those with images or sound) are automatically saved online.

O2 says photos on the phone can also be saved by sending them via a multi-media message service to 40202 for free.

Digital memories

O2 UK Marketing Director Sally Cowdry said: ‘With text messages replacing letters and camera phones replacing photo albums, people’s memories are increasingly going digital.

‘We understand that customers are concerned with losing their memories but that backing up can be complex.’

She said that Bluebook offered customers a simple but effective way of backing up everything on their mobile, and enabling them to edit and share memories.

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