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Adnams launches ‘carbon-neutral’ beer

Less than 1p worth of carbon emissions per bottle

Adnams Brwery sign

A brewer has launched what it claims is the UK’s first carbon-neutral beer.

Adnams says the bitter, East Green, has less than 1p worth of carbon emissions per bottle, which it has pledged to offset.

The beer is produced at a new ‘eco-friendly’ brewery in Southwold, Suffolk, which recycles steam created during the brewing process and uses it to heat 90% of the following brew, a spokeswoman said.

It is made from high-yielding barley grown in East Anglia to minimise carbon emissions from transportation and aphid-resistant Boadicea hops to cut the use of pesticides.

Boadicea hops

The beer will be packaged in a lightweight 500ml glass bottle similar to other Adnams products, which the company claims has reduced its carbon emissions by more than 415 tonnes a year.

The group said it worked with experts in carbon reduction from the University of East Anglia to develop the beer.

Adnams Managing Director Andy Wood said: ‘Every stage in the development of East Green, from the growing of the hops to the packaging, has been designed to minimise our carbon emissions as far as possible.

‘The remaining CO2, which equates to less than 1p per bottle, has been offset with (environmental organisation) Climate Care.’

Carbon emissions

Dr Simon Gerrard, from the University of East Anglia, said: ‘Our programme has enabled Adnams to understand the complex nature and range of carbon emissions arising from the production and distribution of East Green beer.

‘The carbon lifecycle assessment from farm to bottle helped Adnams target key elements in the process and reduce the emissions of the overall product.’

The beer will sell in Tesco stores for £1.79 from 28 April.

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