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New Fords check tyre pressure on the move

Driver warned when tyre starts to deflate

System will check your tyre pressure

Motorists buying some of the latest Fords can opt for a system that will check tyre pressure while they drive.

The systems – available as an extra on new Focus, Kuga, Mondeo, Galaxy and S-Max models – detect when a tyre is deflating and then trigger a warning for the driver.

Ford says its automated system can monitor the tyres at all times while the vehicle is in use and will help alert the driver to a problem before it becomes a safety issue.


Ford wheel and tyre engineer Michael Kremer said: ‘Tyre pressure monitoring systems can help make motoring safer by giving drivers an instant alert when a tyre is losing pressure, so that immediate action can be taken.

‘These automated systems are not a substitute for regular tyre pressure checks but they do provide an important additional safety measure in cases where a tyre becomes damaged or punctured and the driver isn’t aware of the problem.’

Ford offers two levels of tyre pressure monitoring technology.

Ford Focus

All new Ford Focus and the Ford Kuga models can both be fitted with a Deflation Detection System (DDS), for £50.

It uses the same sensors as the anti-lock brake/electronic stability programme systems to detect when one or more tyres are becoming deflated.

The Ford Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy can be fitted with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), for £250.

It uses sensors in each wheel to measure the actual pressure in all four tyres, and compares these pressures against the recommended settings.


Which? Car Editor Richard Headland said: ‘Ford isn’t the the first car maker to introduce tyre pressure monitoring systems, but it’s one of the biggest.

‘This technology offers timely reminders to top up on air, so it’s good to see it spreading to some of Britain’s best selling cars.’

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