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More than 2 million have ‘green’ car

Most drivers would consider buying one, says poll

A Toyota Prius

Green company cars are encouraged with lower tax

More than 2 million motorists drive an environmentally friendly car, according to a new survey.

And the good news for the environment is that two thirds of all drivers -21 million – would consider converting to a ‘green’ or low-emission vehicle if the price was right.

The highest use of green cars is in Wales and the South West where they are driven by 12% of the population – three times more than in London.

Environment concern

And only a tiny minority of British drivers said they were ‘not very worried about the environment’, according to the Tesco Compare survey.

Asked what would persuade them to buy a green or low-emission car the top three answers from motorists were:
• if it was competitively priced
• reduced road tax
• cheaper parking fees


Which? motoring editor Richard Headland said: ‘It’s not surprising that drivers are thinking with their wallets, not just their conscience, when it comes to greener cars.

‘Financial incentives, such as tax breaks, have been very effective in encouraging the take-up of greener cars in other European countries, such as Sweden. However, while motorists will save on road tax by choosing a lower-CO2 car under the UK’s current system, drivers shouldn’t overlook the far bigger savings they can make on fuel simply by switching to a car which does more miles to the gallon.’

Paul Baxter of Tesco Compare said: ‘Our research clearly shows the nation’s motorists are much more likely to go green if it saves them money as well as saving the planet.

‘We’re disappointed that the Chancellor did not look more widely at the cost barriers for purchasing green cars in the recent Budget and consider cutting Insurance Premium Tax for green cars as an added incentive.’

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